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RECENT CONTRACTS July 1999 - May 2005

Monitoring Officer and Liaison Officer for DTI / EPSRC / ERSC / Home Office Programme Management of Information (MI)

Liaison Officer contracts provided assistance to proposal consortia that had passed the outline evaluation stage and were progressing to full submission.

Monitoring Officer contracts are providing services for progressing the RETRIEVE,   XVISTA and FIDES projects from the first, second and third calls respectively. For more information on the MI programme click on the hyperlink below.


Survey of Grid Computing for the DTI

This contract provided the DTI with a searchable list of Grid computing projects worldwide including brief details and the organisations involved. The report ended with recommendations for future UK funding.

Physical Layer editing for ControlNet International

This contract provided editing of the IEC Fieldbus Physical Layer for the incorporation of the ControlNet Physical Layer as the Type 2 Profile. For more information on ControlNet click on the logo or hyperlink below.

ControlNet logo


For the IEC Fieldbus standard click on the hyperlink below and search for IEC61158 (Part 2 for Physical layer) or for Subcommittee SC65C, Working Group WG6.



Editing of Physical Layers of Industrial data communications specifications ControlNet and DeviceNet for submission as European (CENELEC) and International (IEC) standards respectively

For more information on DeviceNet click on the hyperlink below.


Producing Physical Layer conformance test documents, i.e. abstract test suites and ICS proformas, including optical fibre systems, for the Fieldbus Foundation

Programme Co-ordination of 9 project, 40 participant, 12M euro, UK collaborative ICT research programme LINK-HPIP (High Performance Interfaces &Protocols) for DTI & EPSRC.



Peter Burton has 40 years experience in manufacturing, R&D, electronics, computing, IT and data communications. He has been a partner for 13 years, offering consultancy in these areas and working with UK and Bulgarian SMEs to co-ordinate product design, manufacture and marketing.

In his previous position in a 420 staff, 20M euro turnover, contract RTD organisation, he managed 5 collaborative industrial projects, 2 European (CTS-conformance testing, civil aircraft) and 3 National (industrial data comms.) with up to 18 partners and costs up to 3M euro.

He edited two parts of the IEC 61158 'Fieldbus' industrial data communications standard plus the Institution of Electrical Engineers book 'Open Systems for Manufacturing'.

He was Project Manager for the following European Commission supported projects :





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